Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New T-Shirt

Our fundraising efforts have been blessed. We have held two yard sales and a Green Gold party. Plus we have sold “Go. Seek. Love.” T-shirts and note cards to buyers from California, Iowa, Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington, and even Germany. Every time a new order comes in, we have a little celebration. What a cool feeling that people from Maryland and Nevada are wearing our shirts! Certainly the most heartwarming gifts have been the monetary gifts from dear friends and family who have sacrificed in order to share with our family, with our son, with the orphans who so badly need us all. Thank you, everyone who has partnered with us to bring “Little Brother” home from Ethiopia. We are grateful for every single dollar that has come through our door.

We are growing ever closer to our goal of raising $25,000+ . But we are still not there. And so…

We have a new T-shirt that we are selling!

It is a fitted women’s ringer tee, and we are selling it for only $15.

In addition, we have lowered the prices on all of our T-shirts. Not only do we want to raise money by selling these shirts, we also have a goal of having as MANY people as possible wearing them, all across the nation. We want the “Go. Seek. Love.” message to be everywhere. We want conversations to be started by the shirt in all 50 states!

So now you can buy the classic T-shirt for $15, the women’s fitted ¾ length tee for $16, and kids’ shirts for $10. Also, note cards are now priced at $6 for a 6-pack.

Click on this link to go to our website and check out all of the T-shirt options. Thank you, and God bless you!

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Renea Lynch said...

I just got my new t-shirt in the mail today and can't begin to tell you what it was like opening that envelope. I actually cried!! I have a heart for adoption and my husband is still waiting to hear what God has planned for us. So, knowing that I actually had a hand in helping someone's adoption somewhere and the fact it was real, and I could touch it and feel it, was so surreal. God bless you both and your family. I continue to watch your journey to your son. I've linked you up from my blog and facebook and am encouraging others to support your family! Thank you again for my awesome t-shirt! I may wear it out and come back to buy more and more!