Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Fence Is Finally Finished!

I thought this day might never come.

All summer long we have toiled to finish this huge project.

Early last spring when I innocently mentioned to Daniel how nice it would be to have a fence to keep our "younguns" in the yard and the neighborhood dogs out, I had NO IDEA what I was actually asking. The hours and hours of work and sweat that would be sacrificed to make it happen. Daniel did. But he listened, took me seriously, and he worked his rear off to make my fence dreams come true.

Daniel's parents graciously gifted most of the funds we needed for the project. Fences are shockingly expensive, in case you don't know. Even if you do all the labor yourself, the materials are more than a family saving for an adoption can afford.

So thank you, Daniel, my talented, hard-working husband. Thank you Paul and Suzie. I LOVE our new fence.

By the way, the sides of the fence that face the road and our neighbor's house are eight feet tall and allow us plenty of privacy. The parts that face just toward the back and driveway are only four feet tall so that our view of the bluff and the Harpeth River is not blocked.

Aren't the arbors that Daniel built over the gates pretty? I can't wait to plant climbing plants around them. Any suggestions?

While I was out taking pictures, I snapped a few of my flowers.

And I can hardly do a blog post without including a couple of shots of Madeline. :) Here she is right after her bath last night.

And wearing the too-cute PJ's that I got her at a consignment sale. Love the bunny slippers!


Jeni said...

The fence looks great, Sarah! And of course Miss Madeline is beautiful. We miss y'all at church - I hope you've found a better fit for your new family situation. Our Care Group meets at the building every Sunday at 5 p.m., with a casual potluck afterward, so feel free to join us if you're able!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Oh wow! What a big project. It looks great! Madeline is beautiful and so precious. I love all the pictures.

Oh, the laundry detergent saga. Silly me, I think the problem is that I didn't have enough of one detergent, so I threw in a little of another. I think I created a chemical reaction that lingered in our sheets and such. This is my theory at this point, anyway. Neither detergent causes trouble, so it's got to be my thoughtless combination of the two. I obviously didn't even think of it, but it was horrible!

Amy said...

ADORABLE- and the fence looks great too! :0) Amy

Spirit of Adoption said...

the fence is beautiful!!! And look at those baby blues!! Too cute!