Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Need Advice!

Has anyone attended the International Adoption Class held at the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital International Adoption Clinic?

The next class is coming up on September 26th, and I am curious about it. What is discussed? Is it worth the $75 fee? Please share your opinion if you have attended the class.

Also, what vaccinations should we make sure that our 18-month-old daughter receives before we bring her brother home? She will not be traveling with us, by the way.

Will our health insurance cover the shots that we will all need because of our travel to Ethiopia? I heard from someone that it might not....

Just leave me a comment or email me at family @ duboisadoption . com (without spaces) if you have any advice to share. Thank you!


Shelley Egly said...

hi! our daughter received some shots from the vandy travel clinic since she went with us to et. it is very pricey so we got the others shots she needed from her dr. we got our shots from a ministry called global outreach clinic. it is less expensive and they will write your prescriptions for you. hope that helps!

Amy said...

Hey Sarah,

Your insurance might cover some of your vaccines; you may want to call them and ask. If they pay for a yearly physical for you, then they might pay for the "wellness" vaccines on the day you have your physical. Of course, your insurance probably only pays for 1 physical a calendar year.

I don't think that Madeline will need any extra immunizations since she is not traveling with you.

Check out these websites as well.

Let us know how it turns out:)

Angela said...

Sarah--our BC/BS would not cover any immunizations. I hadn't thought about Madeline. I guess there's a chance she might need some extra's.