Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Hubby Is Awesome!

This weekend he kept Madeline while I left for THREE DAYS to hang out with my college roommates. Dad and M went hiking, played at the park, visited the local coffee shop, and even traveled to visit Daniel’s parents for one night. Madeline had a great time bonding with her daddy. It’s not fair that it is usually me that gets to share so many fun days with our little girl. This weekend was dad’s turn.

Perhaps the best part: The house was CLEAN when I got home. What a guy!

And meanwhile I had a blast hanging out with my buddies from Harding - talking, hiking, talking, eating cookie dough, talking, playing games, and talking some more. Since going our own directions seven years ago, we have each changed, grown, and learned so much. There was much to talk about: husbands, kids, church, God, jobs, houses, money, and friends.

As I have reflected on the weekend, I’ve realized how young it made me feel to be with my girls that knew me “back when.” We are adults now. Not the college kids that we once were. But being together again kinda made us feel like we were again. And it was great for three days.

But I’ve gotta say: I was awfully excited to come home again and see my best friend and my sweet daughter. Oh yeah, and my clean house. :)

Here we are on the porch of the lakeside cabin we rented in Hot Springs, AR

The lake in front of our cabin. It was so peaceful!

At the actual hot springs that give Hot Springs its name (Mary, Chrissy, Kristen - my roommate for for years, and me)

A attempt at a self portrait while trying on hats :)

Hiking at the lake

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i posted about your shirt tonight..just an fyi.i love it, kj