Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Couple Cool Opportunities

If you live in the Nashville area and you share our family's interest in adoption and all-things Africa, you may want to consider going to:

This is an exhibit sponsored by World Vision designed to help you to experience and understand the AIDS crisis in Africa. It is a traveling exhibit, and it is currently at a church in Hendersonville through September 20th. The tickets are FREE! Click here to go to the website and reserve your tickets. They are even providing free childcare on a few of the evenings. Daniel and I are going on Thursday, and I am really looking forward to it.

Click here to view the trailer for the event.

Also, the 2009 Together for Adoption Conference is coming up the weekend of October 2-3 at a church in Franklin.

Session topics include:
  • Orphan care and Jesus, the great servant of the poor
  • Adoption and the pursuit of racial reconciliation
  • The Gospel, social justice, and the missional church
  • And more...
There will be times of worship, breakout sessions, and opportunities to meet others who share a common heart for adoption. And it's only $60/couple to go!

Sadly, Daniel and I have plans for that weekend, and we won't be able to attend this year. But I dearly wish I could be there, and I am hoping that some of you will go and tell me all about it later!

I feel very blessed to live in this area. So many opportunities to grow and learn and be around like-minded people....

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Spirit of Adoption said...

awwww! I was hoping you guys would be there, but just saw this! ; ) Hope you have a blessed weekend! :)