Monday, March 26, 2012

Where Does Your Money Go?

We are so excited to be launching this sponsorship program. About 50 kids have been sponsored so far from the Merkato community in Addis Ababa. It is so exciting to know that many lives have been drastically changed already. Thank you sponsors!

We still have about 100 children who need sponsors. If you are interested in sponsorship, click on the link below and take a look at their profiles. We need your help!

You may be wondering exactly where the $34/month sponsorship fee goes. 20% of the money is used to pay administrative costs for Children's HopeChest here in the U.S. They take seriously the responsibility of being good stewards of your money, and they use a lot of volunteer work to keep these costs at a minimum.

80% of every dollar goes to Ethoipia and is directly used to pay for the needs of the individual children.

Here is how the 80% breaks down:

In coming weeks we will be sharing more about what each of the individual components look like.

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