Thursday, September 24, 2009

Africa Ornament

Look at what we received in the mail yesterday:

Our first Africa/Ethiopia-related Christmas ornament! I love Christmas, Christmas decorations, and especially Christmas tree ornaments. I am not a collector of much of anything except ornaments. Decorating for Christmas was always a big deal at our house growing up, and I have such fond memories of adorning the tree together - always the weekend after Thanksgiving.

So while Daniel and I were still in college, a couple of years before we were even married, I began collecting ornaments for the Christmas tree that I dreamed of sharing someday. They are the one souvenir that I seek out any time that we travel anywhere. We have ornaments from many countries in Europe, Seattle, Maine, Vermont, Boston, Florida, New Orleans, the Biltmore, Mexico, Colorado, and many other places. Our Christmas tree is filled with precious memories. It chronicles the years of our life together.

So this year the big addition to our tree will be our Africa ornament. It will be the first of many, I am sure.

The Stavnes family, who live nearby in Murfreesboro, are selling these ornaments to raise money for their adoption from Ethiopia. What a great idea!

Here is what the back says:

Check out their blog and bless their family and your own Christmas tree by purchasing one of their charming and meaningful ornaments.


3 Blessings said...

Thank you so much for your sweet post about our ornaments. I am so glad you like it. We are so happy to follow your story. Such a beautiful blessing!

The kids are loving wearing the beautiful shirts you all made. Our son wears it as soon as it is on his stack of clean clothes. We can't seem to keep it clean fast enough. He is so proud to be adopting a brother :)

Spirit of Adoption said...

I JUST found this website about these ornaments right after I found your BEAUTIFUL shirts!!! I love them both! : ) I just emailed her to see if we could still order an ornament....I guess that means YES! YAY!!!! ; )