Wednesday, June 6, 2012


60 of the children at Merkato now have sponsors!  This is great news, but we want to see ALL of the 150 kids sponsored.  Sooooo.... From now until June 15th, for every child that you sign up to sponsor you will be entered into a drawing for a gift basket that contains the following:

Pretty cool, huh?  We will announce the winner here the week of June 25th.  Head over to the Children's HopeChest website now to check out the profiles and sign up.  

Also, please help us to spread the word about this giveaway by sharing links on Facebook telling your friends.  We need to find sponsors for every one of our kids!  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meet Pastor Getahun

This is Pastor Getahun Shume and his family.  The sponsorship program at Merkato is the product of his passion, prayer, and hard work over the last several years.  He and his wife are rock stars in my book.  Here is a little bit more about his story:

17 years ago he began attending a small Ethiopian Orthodox church (the predominant religion in Ethiopia).  Gradually Getahun began taking on increasing leadership roles, eventually coming to lead the church.  Over the next couple of years the church grew.  However, as they prayed and studied together they became increasingly devoted to Jesus and less devoted to the traditional theology of the Orthodox church.  Because of this, the church came under sharp criticism and persecution from other Orthodox churches.  Eventually, they were completely cut off from the Orthodox church.

Undeterred and driven by passion for the Word and for orphans and widows, Getahun and his wife planted an Evangelical church in the middle of the roughest part of Addis Ababa - the Merkato area.  The church there is comprised of some of the most vulnerable people in Ethiopia.  The economic hardships that they face are indescribable, and the church, compelled by Jesus' love, has a burden to care for the many orphans in that area.

We first met Pastor Getahun two years ago.  He told us how his church members, though in poverty themselves, were giving to fund the care of 25 orphans.  They were providing food, clothing, and education to these kids.  They were also personally involved in their lives, mentoring them and teaching them about Jesus.  Getahun saw the difference that they were able to make in the lives of these 25 children, and he desperately wanted to expand the program to include more children.

Pastor G and several of the sponsored children

Now, because of sponsors here in America, 60 more children are being helped.  They now have a regular source of food and medical care and are receiving an education to help break the cycle of poverty.  60 more kids are being taught about Jesus!  For that we praise God and thank all of the sponsors for their support.

Would you consider making a difference in the life of a child today?  Click here to view the profiles of children who are waiting to be sponsored.