Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dress for a Cause - A Fun Giveaway!

NOTE: I grew up with the notion that Raffles are wrong. (I don't think my parents actually said this, but I just picked up that idea, you know.) Raffles are a form of gambling, and all gambling is wrong, right? So if you have a problem with the "R" word, please just don't consider this a Raf_ _ _. Think of it as a DONATION to help an adoptive family bring home an orphaned child from Ethiopia. AND there is a really cool perk - one lucky family will win a super-cool door prize! (Door prizes are OK, right?)


Will you join me in the REALLY FUN give-away and help this family bring their little girl home from Ethiopia. You can see the full details and purchase your 10.00 entry here:

Here is the run down...

See all these shirts and the beautiful pendant?

Well...they can be yours. ALL OF THEM !!

So this is how this puppy works...
You enter into the give away and you choose how many times 1, 2 or 3. It's easy!

One entry is only 10.00 and if you are quicker than me you have already done the math and figured that is like less than a dollar a shirt. Yeah, really.

To sweeten this a bit more, you can have two entries for 15.00.

Really, really want this ensemble of shirts? (Me, too!) Receive a third entry by blogging, tweeting or facebooking about it. They will even send you the wording so you can just repost. Not on their facebook? You can fb friend them by clicking on the fb badge on the left side bar of the blog.

So just head on over to and give it a shot. You will be helping in bringing home a PRECIOUS one...and what is better than that? And if you already have one of the shirts in the set, imagine the blessing you will be to gift it to another person who God may be calling to love the orphan.

Seriously, lets blow the socks off this family and bless them. We are ALL in this together...and helping one another

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