Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lots of Pictures

This is what you call a "Grandparents' Post." Lots of pictures of the grandchild. :) This is just a smattering of photos from the past couple of months that I have never gotten around to posting on the blog. Enjoy!

We went to the local park one chilly day when we just couldn't stand to be inside anymore.

Madeline has gotten good at sliding herself now. What a big girl!

Intently watching the train go by. Sweet rosy cheeks.

Madeline's first haircut. My sweet cousin Riley is a professional, and she did it for us. Madeline did great!

First time to go bowling. Daniel took his team at work one Friday afternoon, and we joined them. Madeline had lots of fun entertaining everyone.

Look! My belly!

Second care package sent to Little Brother. Those socks are THE BEST baby socks ever. They come from Dollar General! I give them to everyone having a baby, and so of course, he must have some too.

Playing dress up.

Playing dress up some more.

And yet more dressing up. She LOVES to wear mommy's shoes.

Playing with cousin Annie.

Madeline adores Waffle House. When we pass by and she notices the sign, she says, "Hey! Eat waffle? Eat waffle?"

Realizing that she just ate a little too much waffle and egg.

Playing Pla-Doh. (Notice the wings she is wearing and the dress up bracelet on her tray.)

Madeline brings me one stuffed animal after another, asking me to put a clean diaper on each one. We actually had twice this many animals with diapers on by the time we were finished.

We went biking on the first spring-like weekend that we had. I was afraid that Madeline might freak out, but she liked it!

Eating spaghetti. The girl has gotten really good with a fork lately.

Going through her bedtime routine with Mr. Bear. She discovered that it's pretty challenging to hold the bottle, rock, and read from the Bible storybook all at the same time.

Movie star.

I really shouldn't share this, but I couldn't resist. :) We are pre-potty training right now. We just practice sitting on the potty now and then to get used to it. She is reading her FAVORITE book in all the world - Kitty Up. She has had the entire thing memorized since she could barely talk. It has nearly a whole roll of tape on it, repairing torn pages, and it is kinda wrinkled now after getting left out in the rain.

Bunny bathrobe and bunny slippers. What could be better?

Riding the bouncy horsey at a friend's house.

And finally, riding her new Dora the Explorer trike that she got for her birthday.

Have a blessed day!


E.T.'s Mom said...

What a great post. Sweet, sweet girl.

Gillian said...

Your life is BEAUTIFUL--so is your girl!! Bruik and Ava were talking about sweet Madeline today--"where did that girl go, Mommy? you need to bring her back!"
Loads of Love,

rachelknix said...

This could be an Aunt Rachel Post too. I need to do a picture post for Mom and Dad soon too. I can't wait to see you and your sweet girl.

Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

She is SO cute! And her very loved Kitty Up book makes me smile. Isaac loves that one too!

Watson Warriors said...

Love the picture of you two together...what a great shot! Love keeping up with you all!

Joan said...

love the pictures. she is a beauty!