Monday, March 1, 2010

Strike Two

We did not pass court today. Once again MOWA did not have our recommendation letter ready so our case could not be heard. It's a major bummer, but I feel peace about it. Our son's situation has become a bit more complicated as of late. It's probably not appropriate for me to share all of the details on this blog, but I will tell you that I am throughly impressed with our adoption agency, America World. They have gone above and beyond and then some to make sure that our family, our son, and his birth mother are all receiving the best care possible. I feel completely confident in their commitment to do the right thing for every single child placed into their care. I am thankful for this demonstration of their willingness to do whatever it takes to do their job well.

Meanwhile, we must continue to wait. Our next court date is Wednesday March 17th. I am clinging to these verses:

I am confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. - Psalm 27:13-14

God wants us to wait right now. He wants us to cling to him and maintain confidence that he is good and he is in control. It takes strength to wait! But I know that there is purpose in this struggle, even if I cannot understand it right now. I know that God wants what is good for us, for our son, and for his birth mother. I am clinging to that.


3 Blessings said...

I am so sorry that you guys didn't pass court. Your strength and faith are truly an inspiration. I pray that God will bring you to your son very soon.

Kristi J said...

oh, that hurts..i'm praying right along with ya :) kristi

Gillian said...

Sweetie, I'm sorry.
Hugs, lots of hugs.
Love, Gillian

Dave said...
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Hollands said...

Okay, praying for you to pass March 17th (or for a surprise pass sometime before then--stranger things have happened).

Renea Lynch said...

Praying for your next court date. Sorry this one didn't work out, but we know it's for the best. It's God's timing and He'll bring you to a perfect court date and your son at just the right time.

I love your scripture references on waiting. I have another adoptive friend I'm going to share them with as she's discouraged about the waiting game right now too!

God Bless!

Kelly said...


I am praying for you and for your sweet son. I prayed those same verses when I was trying to get pregnant and through my pregnancy. I will pray them for you!


crispy said...

So sorry you didn't pass court again today. Praying for your situation.



mack said...
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