Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am so happy right now. We just got our monthly update on Little Brother from AWAA. Once a month they send us a few new photos and benchmark data for his weight, height, head circumference, how much he eats, etc. In addition, we get to ask five questions each month of the transition home staff (the nannies that care for him and have access to his file).

The three photos that we got are so wonderful. He is smiling and looks so happy and healthy in all of them. We have gotten a couple of sets of photos lately from other adoptive families (you know who you are - thank you!) where he looks so sad and lonely. It has been making me so sad. But in these photos, he is full of smiles! I thank the Lord for this encouragement that he is doing OK.

AND in their comments about him, they said that he is "happy and smiley" and is "interactive and likes to play with people." Hooray! Maybe he was just caught at a bad moment when those other photos were taken. Who knows, they might have had to wake him up from a nap in order to see the people who were there to see him.

AND he now weighs 17 pounds and is in the 62nd percentile for his age! Just last month he was 14 pounds and at the 6 percentile! Obviously, they are taking good care of him and giving him plenty to eat. :) All of this makes me feel so very good.

AND, as if that isn't enough, I choose to ask some specific questions about his background and birth family this month. I didn't know if they would have the answers or not, but I figured that it certainly didn't hurt to ask. But I'm so glad that I did because I got some very interesting information about his birth family that could explain a lot of the questions that we have had. (Sorry, it's a little too personal to share specifics here.) I got the name of his birth village too.

So all of this makes me a very happy mama right now. I am seriously considering breaking all the rules and posting the new photos of him. I just want everyone to see him! (We're not allowed to post any pictures to the internet until we have passed court and he is legally our son.) I hope and pray that we will be able to do that two weeks from the today. I wish 3/17 would come quickly! I am praying about it constantly, and I have a really good feeling about this time.


3 Blessings said...

So glad you got new pictures and such great reports.

Hi, I'm Susan! said...

third time's a charm! praying for you all!

Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

I know what you mean about sad vs. happy photos. We have some of our little boy that are so sad looking, and others that are full of smiles. I don't know the reason for his sad faces, but it could be anything. And honestly, if I were in my son's shoes, I wouldn't be all smiles all the time either.

Our kiddos are going through some really rough stuff right now. I can only imagine what the next set of photos they send will look like... Wish there was more we could do for ours right now other than pray.

We'll be praying for your next court date! Is it on St. Patrick's Day? That's gotta be lucky, right? (-:

Kristi J said...

What a treat...Can't wait to see the pics :) kristi

crispy said...

What a blessing to get such great info on your little man. Still praying for God's favor on your court situation and quick travel.


robinscharff said...

Hey Sarah...well, first off, wanted to let you know that even though we haven't been leaving you comments, Andrew and I have been anxiously reading your posts and praying for good news soon for you guys! In the meantime, so good to rest assured that God is the one taking care of your little man.

God did provide a Percy, although it was by way of a big-hearted Grammy. Regardless we thanked God and recognized that He does provide all good things (even in unexpected ways).