Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just a Couple More Days

Our fourth court date will take place while we sleep on Monday night. If Birth Mom is going to make it to court, she should be on her way already.

As I was out running yesterday afternoon, I found myself praying with every breath: Lord, please let us pass this time. Lord, please be with Birth Mom and work in her life through this. Lord, please help us to cling to you and trust you more because of this. Over and over and over.

Please say a prayer for our family, for Little Brother, and for Birth Mom. I'll post as soon as I know anything on Tuesday.

We got a great report last week - he has gained two more pounds in the last month and is up to the 78th percentile for his weight! He looks happy and healthy in the new photos that they sent. He has been sick several times in the last month, though, with pink eye, a rash, and an upper respiratory infection that required antibiotics. I can't wait to get him away from all the germs of the transition home.

Here are a few photos from this Easter weekend.

I took Madeline to see the bunnies at Phillip's Toy Mart in Nashville. So fun.

Excited about her basket from her grandparents

Checking out what is in cousin Abigail's basket

Abigail decided that she likes the yellow easter grass the best


We actually got a family photo where all three of us are looking at the camera and smiling! Hooray!

Rachel and Abigail. Abigail is 4 days older than Little Brother.

Easter eggs taste good

Aunt Emily and Abigail


My 3 Gs said...

I will be saying a prayer for all of you!

crispy said...

I was thinking about your family this weekend and knew the date was soon. Still praying for you all.

3 Blessings said...

Praying for your family and for your court tonight. Love all the pics. Madeline looks so beautiful in her Easter dress.

Grandmother said...

Am praying and I loved your beautiful family Easter pictures. I will not be at Bible Study this week but will check your blog daily.

Hollands said...

Praying to hear of successful court tomorrow. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...
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