Thursday, July 30, 2009

It Finally Happened!

At 16 1/2 months old, Madeline started walking this week! She has been toddling along while holding onto our hands for a while. Then she took her first solo steps two weeks ago, going from mommy to daddy and back again. But on Wednesday, she really, truly started walking. Suddenly the balance part of her brain kicked in, and she just took off.

She is quite proud of her new skill, and she wants to practice everywhere we go. No longer is she content to ride in a shopping cart or hang out on my hip. It's lots more fun to get around on her own two legs. Look out world, here she comes!

Madeline is quite the little talker these days too. She jibber jabbers through the day, and loves to pretend like she is talking on the phone. She knows the routine well and knows just what to say - her phone etiquette is remarkable. It's interesting what you learn about yourself by watching your child imitate you.

She is picking up new words every day. She knows her body parts, animals and the sounds that they make, the names of lots of foods and things around the house, and Elmo. She asks for Elmo by name.

She loves to "read" her Beginner's Bible. Every night before bedtime, we read her a story from it. She understands that it is a special book and the time that we read it is a special time. So every day lately she has been sitting on the floor with it and for ten minutes or more at a time (a long time for a 16 month old!) she will flip through the pages, talking and talking and talking. Priceless.

Last night she imitated us praying for the first time. Oh my goodness, was it cute. We were in the middle of eating dinner, and we had prayed just a few minutes earlier. When she saw that she had my attention, and she pressed her little chin against her chest, babbled for several seconds, looked up and shouted - "Amen!" I wish I had the video camera.

I am having a blast being her mommy these days. Every day is an adventure. She is becoming more affectionate, and we are able to do more fun things together. Life is good.

Madeline loves to play the piano, to sing, and to dance

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