Friday, February 5, 2010

Little Feet

Look what I found when I went to the mailbox yesterday:

What a gift from above! I had asked an adoptive family who traveled to pick up their child a couple of weeks ago to take some pictures of Little Brother for us. I had been eagerly anticipating receiving those. When I saw that they had sent us a small package in the mail, I wondered why they didn't just email the pictures instead of mailing a CD. When I opened it up, I found this and absolutely fell apart. Our little guy's foot had actually touched this piece of paper that was now in my hand. This made me feel more connected to him than anything so far. I thanked our Father above for this gift and sat and cried for a while. Then went to his room to see if some shoes that I have for him are going to fit. :)

I pray that next Friday he will legally be our son, and I will be able to share the pictures that they sent. Thank you, Richardson family, for this precious footprint!


The Short Family said...

What a blessing!!

crispy said...

Oh how special. I would have just melted at seeing that too.

Praying for your court date.

alisa said...

What a treasure!!! Praying for court!!