Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Happy Valentine's Day

My hubby is awesome. On Friday afternoon, we left Madeline with his parents and headed to Chattanooga for the night. He found an incredibly nice hotel room downtown via for only $50, and we had 24 wonderful hours away together. It was just what my sad heart needed that day.

It is so refreshing to have time to remember just why it is that we love each other. Time to be best buds again. The last year has been long and full of many challenges. Plus I have found it much harder to relax and just enjoy time together while at home ever since becoming a stay-at-home mom. My home is my workplace, and that means I am always at work. I often miss having the opportunity to clock out and go home at the end of the day.

So Daniel has discovered that getting me out of the house is my #1 love language these days.

We enjoyed walking around the Riverfront in Chattanooga, found a coffee house that suited us perfectly (Rembrandt's), and went to see an IMAX movie about Africa. We talked and talked and talked. It is so good to have some time with my best friend. And I didn't think about dirty dishes, laundry, or emails to write a single time. :)

In honor of the holiday, I want to share one of my favorite song about marriage. It is written and sung by my very, very favorite singer, Sara Groves.

Different Kinds of Happy

go on and ask me anything
what do you need to know?
I'm not holding on to anything
I'm not willing to let go of
to be free, to be free

I've got to ask you something
but please don't be afraid
there's a promise here thats heavier
than your answer might weigh
baby it's me, it's me

it's a sweet, sweet thing
standing here with you and nothing to hide
light shining down to our very insides
sharing our secrets, baring our souls,
helping each other come clean

secrets and cyphers
there's no good way to hide
there's redemption in confession
and freedom in the light
I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid

better than our promises
is the day we got to keep them

I wish those two could see us now
they never would believe how
there are different kinds of happy
different kinds of happy
there are different kinds of happy
different kinds of happy


E.T.'s Mom said...

Sounds wonderful! I understand the need to leave the house to relax...there's always something that should be worked on at home.
That's good of Daniel to know what speaks love the best to YOU.

Renea Lynch said...

I think everyone deserves a date night with their spouse. That's one of the things we learned through a Christian Marriage counselor. Now... we have date night every Friday. it sure makes you remember why and how you fell in love. Everyone should feel the love they had on their wedding day for the rest of their lives. Glad you got time with your best friend. What a blessing to have a Godly man who speaks your love language. :) ♥