Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Life has been full of fun the past couple of weeks. May was insanely busy with all of the fundraising and adoption stuff that filled our schedules. We were moving at a breakneck pace the entire month. June has been a little slower. It has been wonderful.

Last weekend we went to a Point of Grace concert benefitting the Oatsvall family. They are adopting a little boy from Uganda. We were so blessed to be at the concert and to hear more about this family's story and passion for orphans. There were many, many adoptive families present, and we felt so encouraged to see all of these beautiful, colorful families. We got to have several great conversations, and it was food for my soul. It is a tremendous blessing to live in an area where there are so many families who have adopted transracially.

Daniel has been spending every minute of free time building our fence. It has been blazing hot around here - not the best weather to spend whole days working in the sun. He is a hard-working guy through it all. What a man.

Last week Madeline and I went swimming, and I took her to her first movie. How fun is that?! The Regal Cinema near us offers free kids' movies twice a week. Since we did't have to pay anything to go, it made a great opportunity to just go try it out, knowing that we could leave when we reached the end of her 15-month-old attention span. We made it for about an hour through The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. I didn't realize that they took God out of the Veggie Tales movies for the big screen. Maybe we just missed it since we left early, but I was pretty disappointed with what I saw because I expected it to be more like the videos that I have seen.

My sis and her husband were in town last week, and we enjoyed spending several days with Aunt Rachel and Uncle Charlie. We took a day trip to Kentucky with them to see my dad's side of the family, plus we just had lots of time to hang out and talk. Rachel is 30 weeks pregnant now. It won't be much longer!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from all the excitement in the last couple of weeks:

Fun at the swimming pool

Playing in the yard in Madeline's cool wagon that I found at a yard sale

This girl loves to be outside

Picking one of mom's cherry tomatoes

Charlie and Rachel (in all of her pregnant cute-ness)

Madeline loves Uncle Charlie

Talking on the phone - one of Madeline's absolute favorite things to do

Shopping at Lowe's for fence supplies. Madeline is still not quite walking on her own, but she loves to walk behind things and push them along.

Helping dad set posts for the fence

This little girl LOVES to play in the dirt. It's easiest to just strip her down and let her go to it.

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