Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Six Days of Christmas

We arrived back home this evening after our six day Christmas Extravaganza. So much fun, so much family, so much food. We are exhausted. It was great, but I must admit it’s nice to be back home now. I do love the quiet that comes during the week after Christmas. Daniel is off all this week and we are just going to spend time hanging out just the three of us. Nothing sounds better right now.

So here are the last six days chronicled in photographs:

On the 23rd we celebrated Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. We had some major excitement this year - right before we sat down to eat dinner, my 38-week-pregnant-cousin Hope’s water broke! She and Brad, her husband, rushed off to the hospital, and baby Annie was born seven hours later. What a Christmas gift for all of us!

The Santa suit – we definitely got our money’s worth out of it. She wore it three days in a row!

My mom, her mom, and Miss Madeline

Rachel and Charlie got Guitar Hero Rock Band for Christmas! Fun times…

Cousins Becca and Andrew opening presents

Madeline’s first Christmas present from her grandparents – a rocking horse

Rachel being herself

Our little family – it’s fun being “three” now :)

Opening a present with dad

Rachel (my sis), my grandmother, and me

Rachel and Charlie baking for Christmas Eve. We have gone to Bowling Green, KY to be with my dad’s side of the family every year on Christmas Even for as long as I can remember.

The sisters and my granddad, “Pap”

Madeline and her Pap

Madeline and her Uncle Mike

The sons-in-law up to no good

Aunt Sally and Rach – two peas in a pod

Rachel and Charlie

Rach, M, and me

On Christmas Day we started out at home. It was great fun to enjoy the morning just the three of us. We spent the rest of the day with my immediate family at my parents' house.

You know what they say about babies liking the wrapping more than the actual gifts? It's true.

The sisters in our matching Christmas vests and matching Christmas shoes

Dad in his new leather coat. I’m not sure I should I have posted this one….

More Guitar Hero!

The day after Christmas, we traveled to Owensboro to be with Daniel’s family for a few days.

Daniel’s g’ma opening our gift to her

Madeline working her very first puzzle with her grandpa. I must explain… Madeline started out in her Santa suit AGAIN, but after we decided to build a fire in the fireplace despite the 65 degree weather, all that polyester had to come off. It was about 85 degrees in the living room!

Madeline and her Aunt Emily

The foot stool that Daniel built for Emily for Christmas – more photos to come

Madeline trying out the step stool that Daniel built for his parents

Christmas breakfast with Daniel’s family – his mom and sister Emily

And last, but perhaps most importantly, tonight I got to meet my new cousin for the first time – little Annie. She is a beautiful baby!

And the proud mama

Welcome to the world, baby Annie.


Brad said...

Annie says thanks. Actually, she just makes a little happy sigh. :)

Kristen said...

I enjoy seeing your family in pictures! Looks like you all had a great time!

Mary said...

Your dad looks like a biker dude in that black leather jacket... trust me, I would know... :)