Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blessed by Blogs

I am thankful to live in the era of internet connectivity. How easy it is to stay connected to old friends, to instantly look up any random bit of information that I need to know, and to share one’s life story so that anyone who is interested can read it. I love blogs. In the last year I have developed a list of blogs that I check almost daily. Some help me keep up with those I hold dear, some make me laugh, and some inspire me. It’s that last category that I am most thankful for.

Recently, through a friend, I discovered the blog of Katie Davis. I like to think of her as the next Mother Theresa. Following her lifelong dream, Katie moved from Brentwood, TN to Uganda a year and a half ago to work in an orphanage and teach kindergarten. Since moving there she has established a ministry to pay for the education, food, clothing, and medical care of 150 children. She has adopted six of her own that live in the house that she purchased since she moving there. Katie just turned twenty.

I have read Katie’s blog from beginning to end, and I dare you to do the same. She is an amazing writer with faith and insight far beyond her years. Her obedience, her faith, and her love have changed my life. Here is another article that I found sharing her story that helps to fill in some of the gaps.

I hope that Katie’s story blesses your life the way it has mine.

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