Monday, March 3, 2014

Merkato Trip 2014 - Day One

Team Merkato arrived in Ethiopia yesterday, and they spent their first day today with the kids.  In the morning they spent time work the staff that works with the kids, then they visited the school that lots of the sponsored kids go to.  Next they visited the homes of several children in the program and met their families, including two kids that we sponsor! They spent the afternoon with the younger half of the sponsored kids at the church, sharing Bible stories, playing games, and doing crafts.  It was a great day!

First stop was Merkato church.  The team dropped off supplies and met with the program leaders.  The staff prepared a coffee ceremony and popcorn for the team.

Rebekah Kyner with one of her family's sponsored kids

Awesome guy playing a wood flute by the side of the road

Visiting one of the schools that many of the kids at Merkato go to.  It gives new meaning to our perception of over-crowding and student/teacher ratios.

Mintesnot (one of our sponsored kids) and his mom

Zehara (one of our sponsored kids) and her mom

Jim Kyner leading worship songs with the kids

Kids working on crafts and gifts that will be given to their sponsors

Liza with kids at Merkato

Ben and Mickiyas walking back to the van after a full day

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