Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mission Trip

The time has come!  This Saturday, a team of 13 will be flying out of Washington, DC, headed to Ethiopia!  They will be spending the next week in Addis Ababa, ministering to the kids at Merkato and learning all that they can about how to grow and improve the ministry there. 

The team will have six full days in Addis.  During that time, they will:
·         Spend four days doing VBS type activities with the kids at Merkato – Bible stories, songs, games, etc.
·         Feed the kids at Merkato lunch four times, including providing a FEAST for all the kids and staff one day with freshly slaughtered goats purchased in the city :)
·         Deliver care packages to each of the kids individually
·         Visit the homes of six of the kids in the program and meet their families
·         Visit two other Children’s HopeChest CarePoints that are more well-established to learn from and be inspired by what they see there.  One is in Addis Ababa, and one is about 40 miles outside the city.
·         Visit with a missionary who runs a rescue ministry for girls trapped in prostitution
·         Spend an afternoon sightseeing and shopping, and eat at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant
·         Worship at the church at Merkato on Sunday
Here are a few ways that you can be praying for God’s protection and blessing on the trip:
·         That the children will be able to come and won’t be prevented by parents or circumstances.
·         That the children will have a clear understanding of the Gospel and God’s love for them.
·         That the parents of the kids will also be blessed by seeing God’s love through the team.
·         That relationships will grow quickly between the team and the kids at Merkato.
·         For the HEALTH of the team – no stomach ailments and trips to the hospital for dehydration
·         For the SAFETY of the team – they are going to attract a lot of attention and will be working in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Addis.
·         For God’s blessing on the team – that they would be bonded together, that they will work well together, and that God would grow and challenge each one of them.

I hope to be posting pictures from the trip here during the week if the internet in Ethiopia will cooperate.  Check back for updates!

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