Monday, July 8, 2013

Day One

I finally heard from Daniel today!  The group made it to Ethiopia, and they had a great first day loving on the kids at Merkato.  They don't have internet access at the guest house (hotel) that they are staying at, so our communication is very limited. It's crazy how conditioned we are to being in touch with our loved ones at every second.  I am trying to let go and not  freak out about only hearing from him every few days.

Anyway, 110 of the 155 kids were there today.  They divided the kids into four groups and spent the day sharing Bible stories, doing crafts, and playing games.  The fed them PB&J for lunch.  Daniel said that it was a great day.  The kids are amazing to be around and full of life and happiness.  The mission team worked extremely hard and everyone is spent, but filled up.

Daniel got to hang out with one of the kids that we sponsor today too.  It was so fun to show this picture to our kids.  They see that Daddy is really there, really with Minty, who we pray for and talk about all the time.  Benjamin was grinning from ear to ear.

Here are a few more photos that Daniel was able to send me from the first day at Merkato:

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These are beautiful! Thank you SO much for posting!