Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Rein Family Visits Merkato

One of the things that we love about the Children's HopeChest sponsorship program is that they encourage you to meet the children that you sponsor and even help to provide the opportunity for you to do so.  This can be done through an organized mission trip to Ethiopia (more on this to come!).  Occasionally, however, sponsors find themselves in Ethiopia for other reasons (like adoption) and take advantage of the opportunity to visit their sponsored children.  This was the case for Clay and Neely Rein.  About a month ago they traveled to Addis Ababa to complete the adoption of their daughter.  Children's HopeChest made arrangements for them to visit Kidist and Liya, the children that they sponsor from Merkato.

Neely said:

"It was so exciting to meet Kidist and Liya and to be able to see these precious children who desperately need our help.  It is indescribable to see the conditions they live in but exciting to see the hope in their eyes. We also got to meet Liya's mom.  She was so sweet and very appreciative....The Children's HopeChest liaison was very kind and helpful too."

How exciting for all of us!  Clay and Neely, thanks for sharing your experience and helping to give Kidist and Liya a hope and a future.

You can visit the Rein family's blog at:  http://thereinnews.blogspot.com/http://thereinnews.blogspot.com/ 

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