Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wil visits Merkato!

Wil Crooks, a partner with Children's HopeChest, led a Vision Trip to Ethiopia a few weeks ago. (Vision Trips are for church leaders who are eager to learn more about the needs of kids around the world how their congregations can get involved.) If you were at the kick-off reception we held in March, you will remember Wil as the all-around-cool-guy who so eloquently spoke to us about CHC's work in Ethiopia.

While in Ethoipia, the team visited our care point - the Merkato slum area! Wil got to spend the afternoon loving on and playing with about 20 kids from the sponsorship program. He and the team witnessed crushing desperation. The children in that area are particularly vulnerable to violence, neglect, and prostitution. Despite these incomprehensible hardships, their smiles are eager and eyes hopeful.

Would you consider making a difference in the life of one of them through sponsorship? Real change happens one child at a time. You can be the catalyst for that change.

Click here to see photos of children who are in need of a sponsor.

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