Friday, September 24, 2010

T-shirts Are Shipping!

T-shirts are shipping out tomorrow morning! To those who have been waiting a long time to receive your order, we apologize. The new ladies burn out shirt has been back ordered. Evidently it is a popular shirt, but we hope that this will not be a problem in the future.

We have been screen printing all evening, and the shirts look great! It is so exciting to mail these out to people because I know that
everyone is going to be pleased with them. :)

I realize that the small script on the new Go. Seek. Love. shirt design is hard to read in the photograph that I posted, so I wanted to share here what all the words are because they are so meaningful.

each other
those who hurt you
the fatherless
the outcast
the unloveable
those who are different
the weak
without condition
because God love you
the Kingdom of God
and you will find
the lost
the good of others
without stopping
with all your heart
to all the world
without looking back
where it's not safe
with intent

By the way, if you are an adoptive family interested in having T-shirts printed for a fundraiserthe prices listed on are NOT the prices that you will have to pay. Adoptive families will pay significantly less than the amounts on the website. Please email us to let us give you a quote. We are not trying to make money. We just want to bless others!

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sallee said...

Hi Sarah,
Would love to 'chat' email... can't find your address.. hit contact on my blog...want to ask you a couple questions :)