Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet the Hunts AND a Cool New Shirt!

I am very excited to introduce you to the Hunt family! For the month of September, all proceeds from the sale of Go. Seek. Love. shirts and note cards go to this dear family, adopting from Ethiopia. Check out their blog at

Here is their story:

We are Brian and Angela Hunt. We have a 4 year old daughter named Isabel and we are so excited and ready to get on the waitlist to adopt a sweet little girl from Ethiopia. We live in Advance, North Carolina (15 minutes from Winston-Salem). Brian works for a building supply company and is in seminary at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary pursuing his Master of Divinity.

Angela teaches ESL to elementary school students. We knew that God was leading us to adopt in 2008 but many different circumstances stood in the way, so we waited. By Christmas of 2009, the call to adopt started to stir in our hearts again and this time we couldn't stop thinking about Africa, specifically Ethiopia. God has provided for every step in our adoption process so far and we know that He is faithful to continue to provide. We are so excited to move closer and closer to the day when we will hold our new daughter in our arms and bring her home to join our family.

AND I am EXTREMELY excited to introduce our BRAND NEW T-SHIRT DESIGN!!! These awesome shirts are the creation of my talented husband, and they are available at

Here is the men's design:

These are printed on super-soft, dark gray Canvas brand T-shirts.

And here is the ladies. I LOVE THIS SHIRT!!!

It is printed on a steel blue "burn out" style shirt. It is so soft and comfy, long in length, and fits really well. They do run small (about 1 and a half sizes small, actually).

The Here is a close up of the design so that you can read all of the words. (You can double click on it to see it larger.) This shirt is jam-packed with meaning. Oh, and the cross in the background is a traditional Ethiopian-style cross.

Head over to the website and buy one today. 100% of the profits benefit the Hunt family's adoption!


Sara said...

These are awesome new shirts. LOVE IT!

Betsy and the Boys said...

Love these! Does the men's run small too? If so, are you making any xxl?

Jenny said...

Love the new shirts! Will definitely have to order some soon!