Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's Wet Here

It has rained almost all day and all night here in middle Tennessee. The flooding has been crazy, even shutting down the interstate in several places. We have the Harpeth River in our backyard. Thankfully the yard slopes quite a bit, and our house is much higher in elevation than the river. But the river is way higher than we have ever seen it in the seven years that we have lived here. Here are a few photos from late this afternoon.

Wading in our backyard

This brings a bit more perspective. You can see the actual river past the trees. We just went out and checked the water level at 11 pm, and the weeping willow in the picture now has water up the first two feet of the trunk.

This is right after falling into the water while wading (which I KNEW would happen).
It's supposed to continue to rain tonight and tomorrow. Please pray for all those whose homes may flood. Our home is nowhere near being in danger of that, but there are others who live on our street who may be in that situation.

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