Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun Saturday

Here is a peek into the fun that we had this weekend. Saturday was absolutely beautiful. Sunny skies and crisp fall air. Perfect.

We started out the morning at a fundraiser for our local small-town library. They had a waffle breakfast and a book sale. Then we walked to the park about a half mile away and went to a craft fair that was going on. Small town fun!

Madeline had her first experience in a blow-up bouncy thing. We were there early, so she was the only one in there. Fun!

After walking through the craft fair exhibits, we strolled down to the pond to feed the ducks.

We went home for lunch and nap time. Then in the afternoon struck out to the Celebration of Cultures at Centennial Park in downtown Nashville. There were exhibits displaying a taste of the culture from countries around the world and lots of ethnic food and crafts. Entrance into the Parthenon was free for the day, but we got there right after it had closed.

I think the skies are more beautiful during the month of October than any other time of year. So blue and clear.

Can you tell who takes all the pictures around here? It seems like I'm never in a photo anymore... Oh well.

I hope your weekend was as fun-filled as ours!


Jeni said...

Beautiful!! I love fall weather, especially now that I have a girl who really enjoys playing outside! We still miss your family at church, and I'm glad I can keep up with your adoption & other news on your blog!

Julie said...

What a super weekend! Your pics are darling. East TN fall is fantastic!!

E.T.'s Mom said...

How perfect to have both the small town life and the big city opportunities!