Monday, April 20, 2009

A Golden Weekend

God blessed us in so many ways this weekend! First of all, he has restored the peace in my heart. All last week, I felt such stress and unrest. I was afraid of many things: that no one would come to our fundraising party on Saturday; that we wouldn’t have the money that we need to submit our dossier because my workload has lightened up and I’m not making as much; that we might make unwise decisions regarding the changes we need to make as we welcome an African child into our family and community… Oh, but the Lord is good. He is greater than all my fears, and he has reminded me of his kindness to me. “Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.” (Psalm 116:7) I meditated on this verse throughout the weekend, day and night. Even in my sleep I recited it. And once more my soul remembers: indeed, he has been good to me.

On Saturday arrived the long-awaited day of our Green Gold fundraising party. Here’s how it works: A gold buying agent came to our party location with all of her equipment to analyze the value of gold brought to her. People brought old, broken, or unwanted gold jewelry, and she was able to appraise it on the spot and make a offer to them based on the day’s London Gold Fix Price. Our friends had the opportunity to unload unwanted jewelry and take home cash with them. What a great way to make some extra money in a difficult economy! Then we were given 10% of the agent’s total profits for the day to put in our adoption fund. Including a couple of donations that were given to us on Saturday, we made almost $700! Praise God! There were only a few people who were able to make it to the party, but amazingly God seemed to multiply the money that we received anyway. Every dollar brings us closer to being able to send in our dossier and start the clock ticking. Once it (our dossier) arrives in Ethiopia, we expect to wait about nine months to receive our referral (the assignment of our child).

Sunday afternoon, we were FINALLY able to attend a meeting of the Nashville area Ethiopia Adoption Fellowship Group. We have been dying to make some connections with people who are like-minded: to hear their stories, to see their children, and to be encouraged. How affirming and inspiring it was to be in a home filled with families who have adopted or are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia! And how delightful to see their children playing and running and having the time of their lives together. We were so blessed by the conversations we had and connections that we made with families like the Seversons who adopted a five year old little girl a couple of months ago. And like the Weimers who are adopting THREE more Ethiopian children to add to the SIX that they already have (three from Ethiopia and three biological). And like the Johnsons who will travel within a month or two to pick up their five month old baby girl. And the Puttys who adopted a four year old little boy last fall to add to their five biological kids. And so many others. Thank you, Fellowship Group, for your warm welcome!

Yes, God has been good to us. I thank him that he has provided for us, given us new friends and encouragement, and restored the peace in my heart.

One of the two gold ladies hard at work

My dear friend Chrissy came to support us on Saturday

Emily came to help out and encourage us, too

Daniel enjoyed the snacks at the Gold Party :)

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Kristi J said...

great meeting you guys...We're so excited about so many people adopting in our community and I promise you'll only keep meeting more and more "alike" thinking people that love the Lord and the path He put us all on to give a wonderful home to an orphan..It has been a wonderful ride so far and I'm sure you'll have many blessings along the way too :) Thanks for commenting...I'm adding you to my side bar in a few minutes so I can follow along on your journey, kristi