Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chilly Hike

Here are a couple pics from the hiking trip last week where we almost froze our baby to death. Bless her sweet heart, she hardly complained. I had her dressed in two layers, and I thought she would be just fine snuggled against one of us in the backpack. I underestimated how long the 4 1/2 mile hike would take, how shady it would be, and how much cooler it would get as the afternoon wore on. We all survived, and I was reminded how important it is to always bring an extra layer of clothing for baby.

Check out those little teeth.

Afterward, I was prompted to buy Madeline the warmest, thickest snowsuit that I could find for our trip to Vermont next week. I found an awesome one at a local consignment store with a fur-lined hood and everything. She will be nice and toasty in there no matter what the temperature outside. No more frozen baby.

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Jeni said...

Those teeth are so cute!! It looked like she was having fun, even if she was cold!