Saturday, March 2, 2013

Video of Director of CHC Ethiopia!

This past weekend, Daniel and I were blessed to attend a conference at the Children's HopeChest headquarters in Colorado Springs.  Awesome, encouraging, equipping, inspiring...just a few words that sum up our experience there.  We got to meet many other couples who do what we do for different CarePoints in Africa.  We also attended sessions that equipped us to plan better mission trips, get more kids sponsored, and accomplish more to help the children in Ethiopia.  It was helpful and affirming in so many ways.

A definite highlight of the conference was meeting the Super Star Director of the CHC CarePoints in Ethiopia.  Tesfa!  This guy has accomplished amazing things in service to the Lord in the last couple of years.  The Ethiopia program has exploded to include 23 different CarePoints now, and it is continuing to grow fast.  This guy has worked extremely hard to make that happen.

We got to ask Tesfa questions about what is going on with Our Kids at Merkato, and Daniel shot some video of him.  Be blessed by watching the short video below of our friend Tesfa talking about Our Kids.

We now have sponsors for 123 of our 155 kids at Merkato.  Woo hoo!  Go to this website if you would like to join our awesome team of sponsors:

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