Monday, July 23, 2012

45 New Sponsors!

It has been an exciting month!  God has heard our pleas to bring more sponsors for the children at Merkato, and he has answered our prayers.  Currently 106 of the 152 have sponsors to love them, pray for them, and help provide for them.  Praise God!

Let me back up...  Shortly after our kick-off event in March, the "K Family" from Virginia traveled to Ethiopia with Children's HopeChest on a Vision Trip.  They visited several different CHC care points on the trip and saw many needy and hurting children.  However, their hearts were most moved by what they witnessed at Merkato.  The poverty and desperation was more extreme than anywhere else they visited in Ethiopia.

When the "K Family" returned home, they sensed that God was leading them to help the children from Merkato.  They agreed to take on the same role that we have and are helping to coordinate more sponsorships for the kids there.  In June they hosted a kick-off event and have gathered about 45 more sponsors!

Joy, relief, and thankfulness are just a few of the emotions that we have right now.  We still hope and pray that every single child will soon have a sponsors (46 more to go!), but we are overjoyed to be 2/3 of the way there.

By the way, congratulations to Cameron - the winner of our giveaway last month.  Thank you for sponsoring one of the kids at Merkato!

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