Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Continued

With all the referral excitement during the week after Christmas, I never got around to posting the rest of our Christmas photos. Sorry grandparents.

We enjoyed some time at home, just the three of us, on Christmas Eve. We gave Madeline a baby doll stroller, and it was a big hit. We just had to go outside and give it a test drive on our street, Christmas jammies and all.

We got together with my dad's side of the family that evening in Kentucky. We always have so much fun with them.

Cousin Hannah, M, and me

M with Aunt Sarah

On Christmas Day, we were in Owensboro with Daniel's family.

Daniel's sister Emily made Madeline the best gift ever. A pillow with a hole in one corner so that she can pull out all the fuzz inside, one little bit at a time. :) Madeline has had an obsession with "fuzz" for months now, ever since she managed to make a hole in the seam of her Pooh bear "lovie" that she sleeps with. For at least a month, it was her continual project to to pull every last bit of stuffing out of Pooh until he was as flat as can be. Every time I would get her out of bed, I would find a new collection of tiny bits of poly-fill scattered over her mattress. Now she has a brand new project - her polka dot pillow from Emily!

Madeline with Aunt Emily

Madeline got a tricycle from her Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas. This awesome trike has a bar that attaches to the back so that the grown up pushing it does not have to bend over. (We hadn't put it on yet in this photo.)

Madeline gets very upset these days when something is broken. When she came into the room and saw her daddy putting together her tricycle with pieces scattered all around him, she looked at him, absolutely horrified, and said, "Oh no! You broke it, Daddy!" We have gotten quite a few laughs out of that one. :)

Madeline gets very excited about having pig tails in her hair. She often asks me to do it for her. To add to the fun, ALL the girls in the family put pig tails in their hair. What fun.

We went out to look at lights at a local park one evening. It was so cold that we couldn't make ourselves walk all the way around the track. We ended up running back to the car when we were only half-way around.

Can't you tell how cold we are in this picture? :)

We went to a Christmas festival at the river front in Owensboro, complete with a carousel. Madeline wanted to ride it until she actually stepped onto it with her daddy. Then, "No, no, no, no" is all that she would say. They opted for the bench seat instead of one of the scary looking horses. (They really do look scary!)

So there is the rest of our Christmas in photos. We are blessed to have both sides of our family close by. I can't wait to celebrate as a family of four next year!


3 Blessings said...

Great pictures :) Love the pillow...Cade did that same thing to his car seat cover. He would reach through a little hole and pull all the cotton out.

V said...

Love the pictures, your daughter is around the same age as our son...can you believe they will be the "big" sister/brother soon?! Crazy :)

Julie said...

Fantastic pictures! The pillow was a GREAT idea...hours of fun for M. Loved grandma's pig tails, too.