Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Well Traveled Barrette

By Daniel:

As a 10 year old boy you spend your days drawing cars with machine guns mounted to the roof, thinking of new things to blow up with firecrackers, and pining for the weekend. Not once do you think to yourself, "I bet one day, when I grow up, I'll be picking through poop looking for a purple barrette." And yet 19 years later, plastic fork and spoon in hand, I found myself doing just that.

On Tuesday, Madeline decided that Cheerios weren't enough of a challenge any more. So, while riding in the car with mommy, she had a go at downing the barrette she was wearing. 48 hours later it reappeared from it's magical journey. It's mostly intact, only it's a bit duller -- gray, really.

Another day in the adventure of parenting.


Kristen said...

Wow. That's all I can say. :)

Autumn-Rose said...

I say, Wash it up, put it in a shadow box and show it to her boyfriends in 20 years, haha. Glad it passed!

Tracy said...

oh my goodness!!! at least you found it!

sweet madeline is the happiest baby ever!